The Fat-Free Framework is an open source PHP framework, written by Bong Cosca from 2009 to now. The philosophy behind the framework and its approach to software architecture is towards minimalism in structural components, avoiding application complexity and striking a balance between code elegance, application performance and programmer productivity. The Fat-Free Framework is engineered specifically with usability and user experience as its primary design goals. Out comes a full-featured toolkit for web artisans, that will make your daily work a lot easier, no matter if you're a beginner or expert.

Version 3.8 is here!       CHANGELOG

The latest official release welcomes the summer with a bang and marks the final milestone in this version of the Fat-Free Framework. Packed with exciting new features and outstanding documentation that consumed significant time and effort to develop and refine, version 3.8 is finally available for download. This edition is packed with a bunch of new usability and security features.

F3 has a stable enterprise-class architecture. Unbeatable performance, user-friendly features and a lightweight footprint. What more can you ask for?

It is highly recommended that experienced users develop new applications with this version to take advantage of the latest features and the numerous significant improvements.

Fair Licensing

Fat-Free Framework is free and released as open source software covered by the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL v3). You may not use the software, documentation, and samples except in compliance with the license. If the terms and conditions of this license are too restrictive for your use, alternative licensing is available for a very reasonable fee.

If you feel that this software is one great weapon to have in your programming arsenal, it saves you a lot of time and money, use it for commercial gain or in your business organization, please consider making a donation to the project. A significant amount of time, effort, and money has been spent on this project. Your donations help keep this project alive and the development team motivated. Donors and sponsors get priority support (24-hour response time on business days).


Technical support is available at the official discussion forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/f3-framework.

If you need live support, you can talk to the development team and other members of the F3 community via Slack or Matrix.


F3 is an open source project, which means everyone is in position to contribute to the project. You can help out with bug reports, fixes in the code and of course your own plugins which extend F3 by more useful features.

Nightly Builds

F3 uses Git for version control. To clone the code repository on GitHub:

git clone git://[email protected]:bcosca/Fat-Free-Framework.git

If all you want is a zipball, grab it here.

To file a bug report, visit https://github.com/bcosca/fatfree/issues.


See what other users have made with F3:

Projects Around F3

Plugin Name Description Author
Bugtrckr minimal but feature rich bug tracking system Sascha Ohms
F3 Boilerplate A F3 boilerplate MVC website skeleton using HTML5 Boilerplate.
It's basically a skeleton web application you can use to learn the Fat-Free Framework and use as a base for your future projects.
Vijay Mahrra
fabulog a little example MVC blog with backend ikkez
Phproject A lightweight project management system Alan Hardman
selfoss selfoss: The new multipurpose rss reader, live stream, mashup, aggregation web application Tobias Zeising
TaskShare TaskShare is a really simple todo/task/list web app Tim Habersack
ToothPaste Lightweight Pastebin with a nice design Sascha Ohms

Plugin Name Description Author
Carb A PHP command line tool for the automated generation of a new F3 project structure. Jason Gilmore
FatFree Ajax Boilerplate F3 Ajax application with timers to monitor performance William Stam

User Plugins

Plugin Name Description Author
Access Route access control for the PHP Fat-Free Framework Florent
Benchmark A benchmark helper plugin for Fat-Free framework. Mohammad Yaghobi
Burgers Burgers make the Fat-Free Framework fat. Includes ORM/Validation, User/Groups/ACL, Forms Philipp Hirsch
Captcha A better captcha for Fat-Free Framework Mohammad Yaghobi
Cortex A general purpose ORM with support for relations and more Christian Knuth
Cron Job scheduling for the PHP Fat-Free Framework Florent
FAL A File Abstraction Layer across multiple filesystem adapters, with meta data support and F3 Caching features. Christian Knuth
Fat-Free Devtools A web-based admin tool set for configuring Fat-Free projects as well as configuring routes and controllers. n0nag0n
Ilgar A simple migration tool for Fat-Free Framework Chez14
Migrations Migrations is a database helper plugin for the Fat-Free framework. Mohammad Yaghobi
Multilang Create multilingual apps with this localization plugin Florent
Pagination Create quick and easy Pagination for your F3 application. Christian Knuth
SQL Schema Builder An extension for creating and manipulating SQL database tables. Christian Knuth
System Profile A plugin for grabbing system information like online users and load levels. Also supports basic interpretation of load levels, which allows for adaptive throttling. Steven Bredenberg

Plugin Name Description Author
AxonREST A plugin that handles PUT/POST/GET/DELETE operations against a named Axon model. Steven Bredenberg
Currency A simple plugin that converts a money value from one currency to another. Steven Bredenberg
TableBuilder An HTML table builder with basic support for paging. Steven Bredenberg
URL Allows for easy building and manipulation of complicated URLs. Steven Bredenberg

Some more Goodies

Name Link
Fat-Free Framework snippets for Sublime Text 4 view
Fat-Free Framework snippets for Sublime Text 2 and 3 view
Fat-Free Framework snippets for the PHPStorm / WebStorm IDE view
Logos "Powered by F3" for your Website download
Fat-Free Framework Template Engine Support for Brackets Code Hints view
Tool to create JIG database from CSV data view


The Fat-Free Framework is community-driven software. It can't be what it is today without the help and support from the following people and organizations:

  • GitHub
  • Square Lines, LLC
  • Mirosystems
  • Stehlik & Company
  • Talis Group, Ltd.
  • Tecnilógica
  • G Holdings, LLC
  • S2 Development, Ltd.
  • Store Machine
  • PHP Experts, Inc.
  • Christian Knuth
  • Sascha Ohms
  • Jermaine Maree
  • Lars Brandi Jensen
  • Eyðun Lamhauge
  • Sergey Zaretsky
  • Daniel Kloke
  • Brian Nelson
  • Roberts Lapins
  • Boris Gurevich
  • Jose Maria Garrido Diaz
  • Dawn Comfort
  • Johan Viberg
  • Povilas Musteikis
  • Andrew Snook
  • Jafar Amjad
  • Taylor McCall
  • Raymond Kirkland
  • Yuriy Gerassimenko
  • William Stam
  • Sam George
  • Steve Wasiura
  • Andreas Ljunggren
  • Sashank Tadepalli
  • Chad Bishop
  • Bradley Slavik
  • Lee Blue
  • Alexander Shatilo
  • Justin Noel
  • Ivan Kovac
  • Tony's Internet Solutions
  • Charles Stigler
  • Attila van der Velde
  • Indoblo Commerce Ltd.
  • Jens Níemeyer
  • Raghu Veer Dendukuri
  • NovelLead B.V.
  • Emir Alp
  • Dominic Schwarz
  • Sven Zahrend
  • LucidStorm
  • Nevatech
  • Matt Wielgos
  • Maximilian Summe
  • Caspar Frey
  • FocusHeart
  • Philip Lawrence
  • Peter Beverwyk
  • Judith Grass
  • Randal Hintz
  • Franz Josef
  • Biswajit Nayak
  • R Mohan
  • Michael Messner
  • Florent Racineux
  • Jason Borseth
  • Dmitrij Chernov
  • Marek Toman
  • Simone Cociancich
  • Alan Holding
  • Philipp Hirsch
  • Aurélien Botermans
  • Christian Treptow
  • Кубарев Дмитрий (Dmitry Kubarev)
  • Alexandru Catalin Trandafir
  • Leigh Harrison
  • Дмитриев Иван (Ivan Dmitriev)
  • IT_GAP
  • Sergeev Andrey
  • Steven J Mixon
  • Roland Fath
  • Justin Parker
  • Costas Menico
  • Mathieu-Philippe Bourgeois
  • Ryan McKillop
  • Chris Clarke
  • Ngan Ting On
  • Eli Argon
  • Seregin Andrew
  • Marek Toman
  • Diji Enterprises
  • uonick
  • Kamil Kiblis
  • Mars Yau
  • Martin Latinov
  • Malikov Evgene
  • Andres Espinoza Arce

Special thanks to the selfless others who expressed their desire to remain anonymous, yet share their time, contribute code, send donations, promote the framework to a wider audience, as well as provide encouragement and regular financial assistance. Their generosity is F3's prime motivation.

A huge thanks to Jetbrains for supporting F3's core developers by providing a set of free licenses to their products for several years now!