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Then just have a look at the
Quick Reference.

New to F3?

If you are new to Fat-Free or frameworks in general, here is a little introduction infographic, that shows what basically happens behind the scene:

F3 Quick Overview


User Guide

To give you an optimal kickstart with F3, please read the guide carefully.

1. Getting Started

Check the system requirements and get a first impression by running the demo application.

2. Routing Engine

Setup your hosting environment and define your application routes with no hassle.

3. Framework Variables

Learn how to use F3 globals, work with directories, error handlers and configuration files.

4. Views and Templates

Get to know about the F3 Template Engine and its easy, but powerful syntax.

5. Databases

Learn all about working with databases and F3's stylish object-relational mappers (ORM).

6. Plug-Ins

Get in touch with additional extensions, that will boost your productivity.

7. Optimization

Use caching, compression and some more features, to make your app even faster.

8. Unit Testing

Have a look at F3's own Unit Testing feature and how easy it is to write own tests for your application.

9. Quick Reference

Get an overview about system variables and template directives.

10. Support and Licensing

If you now already fell in love with F3, check the Support and Licensing section.

11. Demo Applications

You can download these working examples to get an idea of how easy all components can work together.

12. Extending the arsenal

Once you are familiar with all the basic techniques and components of the framework, you can have a look into the following articles, that tell you how to extend some of the build-in functionality.